John Mason Institute 

A foundation for your future. 


John Mason Institute 

A foundation for your future. 

John Mason Institute 



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Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of a Certifications


Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career


Certifications are now one of the most sought after items to enhance a career. Companies are looking for certifications from companies like Micorsoft, Cisco and organizations such as the Project Management Institute. We can help you get these certifications and move forward in your career.


Diverse Student Community


Each class contains students from various educational and career back grounds. We have found this diversity creates a highly engaged class that helps create a more interesting learning environment.


Educational Format is One of the Best in the Business


The school has small class sizes with live instructors. You can attend the class in the traditional classroom or login remotely. Most importantly class can be taken days, nights and weekends. We also offer 1 week formats and traditional classes that meet only every few days, Many people have found the traditional classrooms are very disable to match a busy life schedule.  


Our Graduates Rank Highest Among Job Recruiters


Recruiters. want people that have received the latest education and certifications.


World Class Faculty at the Finest Facilities


Our staff will strive every day to help you be successful in all your goals. We have plenty of parking and the location very close to a major exit.. Restaurants , Hotels and shopping are with in walking distant.


Complete Your Certifications in weeks


Most certifications can be taught in a few weeks and with good study habits you can be certified quickly and start expanding your career options.