Email has become one of the most widely used methods of communication, whether for personal or business communications. In most organizations, large or small, email is the preferred form of communicating information among employees. As email grew in popularity and use, most organizations found the need to implement a corporate mail management system such as Microsoft® Office Outlook® to handle the emails, meeting invitations, and other communications sent among employees. 
In this course, you will explore the advanced features provided with the Outlook interface, such as advanced message, calendar, and contacts management. You will use the Tasks and Journal work spaces provided in the application to manage task assignments to you and others, and to record interactions you have with your colleagues. You will also share your work spaces with other users, and use Outlook data files to save and back up your important information. 


Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to use the advanced features in Outlook to manage the advanced options for message, contacts, and calendar management and perform more advanced tasks such as task assignment, journaling, sharing work spaces, and backing up to data files. 

You will:

Configure advanced message options. 
Perform advanced message management tasks. 
Perform advanced calendar management tasks. 
Perform advanced contact management tasks. 
Manage activities by using tasks and Journal entries. 
Share Outlook work spaces with other users. 
Manage Outlook data files. 
Lesson 1: Configuring Advanced Message Options 
Topic A: Insert Advanced Characters and Objects 
Topic B: Modify Message Settings, Properties, and Options 
Topic C: Use Automatic Replies 

Lesson 2: Advanced Message Management 
Topic A: Sort Messages 
Topic B: Filter Messages 
Topic C: Organize Messages 
Topic D: Search Messages 
Topic E: Manage Junk Mail 
Topic F: Manage Your Mailbox 

Lesson 3: Advanced Calendar Management 
Topic A: Manage Advanced Calendar Options 
Topic B: Manage Availability Options 
Topic C: Create Calendar Groups 
Topic D: Manage Meeting Responses 

Lesson 4: Advanced Contact Management 
Topic A: Edit an Electronic Business Card 
Topic B: Manage Advanced Contacts Options 
Topic C: Forward Contacts 
Topic D: Export Contacts 

Lesson 5: Managing Activities by Using Tasks and Journal Entries 
Topic A: Assign and Manage Tasks 
Topic B: Record and Modify Journal Entries 

Lesson 6: Sharing Workspaces with Others 
Topic A: Delegate Access to Mail Folders 
Topic B: Share Your Calendar 
Topic C: Share Your Contacts 

Lesson 7: Managing Outlook Data Files 
Topic A: Back Up Outlook Items 
Topic B: Change Data File Settings 

Appendix A: Configuring Email Message Security Settings 
Appendix B: The Outlook Social Connector 
Appendix C: Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Exam 77-884 
Appendix D: Microsoft Outlook 2010 Common Keyboard Shortcuts

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