200-301 CCNA

Retail Cost:   $2500


Length: 80 Hours  


Objective: Certification in CCNA 


Prerequisite:  Basic Computer Skills


Short Description: The Cisco® Solutions: Implementation and Administration (CCNA 200-301) course builds on your existing user-level knowledge and experience with computing and networking to provide you with the knowledge and skills expected of an entry-level network administrator. It also addresses the content described in the exam objectives for the Certified Cisco Network Administrator (CCNA® 200-301). If you are pursuing a Cisco technical certification path, the CCNA 200.301 exam is your first step into the world of Cisco certification.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Networking Fundamentals Topic

A: Network Types Topic

B: Network Components Topic

C: Network Topologies Topic

D: Network Models Topic

E: Basic Networking Protocols Topic

F: Transmission Media and Connectors Topic

G: Introduction to Cisco Networks and Cisco IOS Commands

Lesson 2: Configuring Switching Topic

A: Switching Concepts Topic

B: Configure Basic Switch Operation Topic

C: Configure VLANs Topic

D: Configure Interswitch Connectivity

Lesson 3: Configuring IP Addressing Topic

A: Configure IPv4 Addresses Topic

B: Configure IPv4 Subnets Topic

C: Configure IPv6 Addresses Topic

D: Manage Network Addressing

Lesson 4: Configuring Routing Topic

A: Routing Basics Topic

B: Interpret Routing Tables Topic

C: Configure Static Routing Topic

D: Configure Dynamic Routing

Lesson 5: Configuring Wireless Connectivity Topic

A: Wireless LANs Topic

B: Manage WLAN Connections Topic

C: Configure Clients for WLAN Access


Lesson 6: Configuring IP Network Services Topic

A: IP Network Services Topic

B: Configure DHCP Topic

C: Configure NAT Topic

D: Configure NTP Topic

E: Configure DNS Topic

F: Perform Network Management

Lesson 7: Security Fundamentals Topic

A: Security Concepts Topic

B: Manage Passwords Topic

C: Configure Layer 2 Security Topic

D: Configure Wireless Security Topic

E: Remote Access Security


Lesson 8: Automation and Programmability Topic

A: Automation, Network Management, and Device Management Topic

B: Controller-Based Networking and Software-Defined Networking Topic

C: Programmability Concepts


Lesson 9: Troubleshooting Network Issues Topic

A: Troubleshooting Methodologies Topic

B: Troubleshoot Interface and Cable Issues Topic

C: Troubleshoot Switching Issues Topic

D: Troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing Issues Topic

E: Troubleshoot Routing Issues Topic

F: Troubleshoot WLAN Issues Topic

G: Troubleshoot Network Services Issues Topic

H: Troubleshoot Network Management Issues Topic

I: Troubleshoot Security Issues

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