You have developed skills to be successful in your field. In this course, you will learn the practical skills you need to be an effective leader in your organization.


Leadership enhances the skills employees at all levels need to be truly successful. When you learn practical leadership skills, you'll have the ability to motivate, coach, communicate with, and teach employees in such a way that they are more effective in their jobs and, as a result, you become more effective in your job


Course Objectives:


In this course, you will learn practical leadership skills.


You will:

  • Transition from an individual contributor to a leader.

  • Develop an effective team.

  • Lead a team effectively.

  • Increase your effectiveness in leading different types of teams.

Develop a team mission, values statement, and vision to achieve business results.






Course Content


Lesson 1: Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Leader

Topic A: Define Leadership

Topic B: Identify Your Leadership Style

Topic C: Redefine Your Role


Lesson 2: Developing an Effective Team

Topic A: Build an Effective Team

Topic B: Coach for Performance

Topic C: Empower Your Team Members


Lesson 3: Leading a Team Effectively

Topic A: Influence for Results

Topic B: Lead Your Team Through Organizational Change


Lesson 4: Leading Different Types of Teams

Topic A: Work with Different Types of Teams

Topic B: Overcome Communication Barriers

Topic C: Overcome Issues Among Team Members


Lesson 5: Aligning Your Strategy for Business Results

Topic A: Establish a Team Mission

Topic B: Determine Team Core Values

Topic C: Write a Team Vision Statement




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