Project Management has become of one of the most desired skills demanded by employers.

We offer a wide range course to help you meet that demand.

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All classes can be taken with a live instructor in class or remotely

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Experience the difference with John Mason Institute different learning formats

Live Instructors

We provide live instructors with small class sizes. When you come to our classrooms or have us teach at your location, you will see and work with a real person not one on a video screen. We have found this to be very successful way to keep the students engaged and promote team building. 

Remote Training

If you prefer taking classes remotely then let us work with you. We only put an average of 12 people in class which allows the instructors to help each student become successful. 

Online self-study

This can format can be very affordable and successful for students that need less guidance and need to work with a busy schedule. 


All of our classes can be broken into smaller sections and students can receive tutoring sessions. 

Your Location

We can provide instructors that will train at your facility. They can even bring computers and all necessary equipment.  Call today for more information.