Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 
explore the QuickBooks interface and access the QuickBooks centers available in QuickBooks 2010 to familiarize yourself with the application. 
set up a company and update the Chart of Accounts using the EasyStep Interview Wizard feature. 
build and manage lists using the options available in the QuickBooks centers. 
manage inventory using the options in the Vendor Center. 
record a product sale in QuickBooks using the options in the Customer Center. 
create invoice for services using the options in the Vendors Center. 
work with bank accounts using the options provided in the Banking section of the QuickBooks interface. 

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Estimates 
Topic 1A: Prepare an Estimate 
Topic 1B: Convert an Estimate into an Invoice 
Topic 1C: Customize an Invoice 

Lesson 2: Recording Business Assets and Liabilities 
Topic 2A: Examine the Online Banking Features 
Topic 2B: Record Credit Card Charges 
Topic 2C: Record Depreciation on Fixed Assets 
Topic 2D: Record and Calculate Loan Accounts 

Lesson 3: Processing Sales Tax 
Topic 3A: Set Up Sales Tax Items 
Topic 3B: Identify Taxable Items 
Topic 3C: Apply Sales Tax to Product Sales 
Topic 3D: Pay Sales Tax 

Lesson 4: Creating and Modifying Reports 
Topic 4A: Create and Modify a QuickReport 
Topic 4B: View Preset Reports 
Topic 4C: Display and Customize a Graph 

Lesson 5: Processing Payroll Manually 
Topic 5A: Set Up QuickBooks Payroll 
Topic 5B: Add Employee Payroll Information 
Topic 5C: Process Payroll 
Topic 5D: Make Payroll Tax Payments 
Topic 5E: Track Time 

Lesson 6: Examining Accuracy of Data 
Topic 6A: Create a User Profile for an External Accountant 
Topic 6B: Find and Fix Errors 

Lesson 7: Integrating Other Applications with QuickBooks 
Topic 7A: Compose and Send Letters to Customers 
Topic 7B: Synchronize QuickBooks Data with Microsoft Outlook 
Topic 7C: Export Reports to Microsoft Excel

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