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The 50-Minute Manager Series was designed to cover critical business and professional development topics in the shortest time possible. Our easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format can be used for classroom training, or even office training. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, the 50-Minute books keep you engaged and help you retain critical skills.


Think, Be and Work Smarter

Intellectual and technical skills are no longer enough on their own to assure success in the workplace. Emotional intelligence allows you to connect with others one-on-one and in groups—a critical skill in business today. People who are emotionally smart waste less time on personality conflicts, stay in control under stress and achieve greater satisfaction at work and at home.


Table of Contents:


Part 1: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

What Emotional Intelligence Means

The Need for "People Smart" Strategies

Assess Your Emotional Intelligence

Five Emotional Intelligence Skills


Part 2: "Think Smart" Strategies

Making the Choice to Think Wisely

Strategy 1: Self-Awareness Skills

Use a New Mental Script

Strategy 2: Optimistic Thinking


Part 3: "Be Smart" Strategies

Three Keys

Strategy 1: Social Skills

Strategy 2: Emotional Control

Strategy 3: Flexibility


Part 4: "Work Smart" Strategies

Six Strategies for Smart Organizations

Strategy 1: Practice Organizational Self-Awareness

Strategy 2: Develop Social Skills

Strategy 3: Foster Optimism

Strategy 4: Encourage Flexibility and Problem Solving

Strategy 5: Model and Encourage Emotional Control

Strategy 6: Support Teamwork

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